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I  just read that we’re only 93 months away from the 2030 climate goals set out to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Say what?!

Many companies that publicly declared they would meet ambitious climate goals by 2030 have moved the goal post 10 years. Others still don’t know how they’re going to do it without the infrastructure in place to support large scale clean energy that is reliable and affordable.  

Some good news in that regard is that the U.S., the Inflation Reduction Act will help to fund those large scale, clean energy investments.

And along with this significant signal from the government, big banks like HSBC are beginning to divest from coal fired power and to ramp up with companies transitioning away from fossil fuels.

But alongside these strides in the right direction, there is also historic amounts of greenwashing.

So in case you want to brush up on how to identify the 9 types of corporate greenwashing, you can read our latest blog post.

For this week’s round-up, here are a few net-zero-related programs:

The Scope 3 Challenge: Data, Reporting & Action on the Path to Net Zero The focus on Scope 3 emissions is sharpening as companies (and the world) struggle to find ways to measure and mitigate this significant source of GHG. Sept. 27, 1 pm EST

Climate Tech Founders Summit The amount of activity in this new sector cannot be ignored by consultants wanting to stay on top of the latest solutions. Nov 1 10 am EST- November 2, 10:30 am. The website claims they will bring together “1,000 founders, investors and ecosystem leaders.”

As Climate Week NYC 2022 comes to a close, I am more energized than ever to continue to support you in your work as an ESG and sustainability consultant.  

Without you  – and your commitment to work with companies on environmental, social, and governance – the level of change we need to bring about will not happen.


All my best,



P.S. The subtitle of this email “93 months to 10x your business,” was inspired by this announcement.

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