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A recent survey by CDP shows that 80 percent of companies listed on the S&P 500 Index see a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity in the shift to products, services, and markets that can drive the transition to a low-carbon economy.

My crystal ball tells me that companies of all sizes and sectors will be finding ways to develop and market new products and services — and doing so credibly will require advisory, consulting, and support from consultants who understand sustainability and ESG and its impact on operations, legal, marketing, and communications, strategy, business development, and M&A.

Have you considered what this global shift to net zero will mean for your business and the clients that you serve?  

This week’s blog talks about how to evaluate client demand, assess market readiness and examine the alignment of company values with ESG are three areas to look at when deciding if incorporating ESG and sustainability consulting services into your business is a smart move.  

As always, here are a few program suggestions you may be interested in:

Lifecycle Analysis for Beginners A non-scientific introduction to life cycle analysis, which is the scientific method of measuring the environmental impact of a product. Hear how to do this in a simple way and what you can do to connect LCA to broader ESG strategy. Oct. 5, 6 am EST

Siloed or Central? How to Activate Entire Organizations on Sustainability Goals: MetLife and Green Biz talk about strategies for engaging and empowering teams to achieve meaningful progress on sustainability commitments and how to collaborate cross-functionally. Oct. 11, 1 – 2 pm EST

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