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Ask my clients the one question I start every single meeting with, and they will tell you, “What does success look like?!”

I’ve done it for so long it’s become somewhat of a meme.

What I really mean is, “From your perspective, what’s most important to you?”

Perspective is defined as “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.”

By imagining our prospects (and colleagues’) perspectives of the value of sustainability, we can tap into what they care most about and create a business case that resonates.

Here are five (5) perspectives to keep in mind:

Strategic perspective
AudienceCEO, Board President. Key considerations: Does the project support the company’s vision and long-term strategy? Does it align with or advance the company’s five-year plan?

Economic perspective
Audience: CFO, Board of Directors, Shareholders, Investors. Key considerations: Is there a clear and compelling ROI? Does the project or its outcomes reduce the company’s economic risk?

Operational perspective
Audience: COO. Key considerations: Does the company have the human capital and equipment necessary to succeed at the project? If not, how will operational needs be met?

Commercial perspective
Audience: R&D, Business Development. Key considerations: Will the project outcomes lead to the development of new products or services? Are there new business opportunities that can be leveraged?

Management perspective
Audience: Department managers. Key considerations: Does the vendor have the capacity to design, deliver, implement and/or monitor the project? Will x department be required to contribute to the project?

Which of these are you most familiar with? Which were new to you?

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In the News:

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Say Hello to the New European Sustainability Reporting Standards Set to Cover 4x More Companies.

A few virtual events to check out:

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Dec 6, 11 am EST.

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