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Our mission is to help consultants lead the global transformation of business using ESG to grow and scale their impact.


We envision a world where business and people thrive on a healthy planet. 


Our values inform our day-to-day actions, guide the decisions we make, and inform how treat each other, our clients, and all our stakeholders. 

Our Values

ESG Woman Consultant Photo


We do what is right and stay true to our word


We think and act boldly


We always strive to learn and improve
Heather Burns speaking at The Climate Action Business Summit


I want to teach people like you who want to learn how to launch and grow an ESG Consulting business to be successful and scale positive impact.

Today, you don’t have to look far to hear about businesses incorporating sustainability into their companies. But what you may not know is how much they are struggling to find consultants who can help. Together, we can lead the global transformation to a sustainable economy that works for all. 

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why work with heather?

Gail Dunn


"Heather is extremely insightful. I would highly recommend her thought leadership, and expertise to anyone who is looking to break into the field of ESG and sustainability consulting."

Charles Franklin

Charles F.

"Heather is a thoughtful and influential voice in the ESG sector. She knows her stuff and is a great collaborator."

Sahra Svensson-Hoglund

Sahra S.

"Heather is moving mountains with warmth and integrity. It is a privilege to have her as a mentor."

Alyssa Norwood

Alyssa N.

"Heather is tireless in her professional generosity and is an original thinker, especially systemically. Her contributions to ESG and sustainability are deeply valued, especially her depth and proactivity."