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ESG Consulting Foundations™

Training to grow your consulting business on a changing planet

This self-paced training will teach you what you need to know to be a successful ESG consultant.


Lifetime access to 15 pre-recorded training modules and hands-on exercises designed to quickly build your confidence + credibility.

Worksheets, exercises, templates, and fact sheets to put what you learn into practice.

Examples, frameworks, and proven processes you can use with your clients.

Dedicated online community for accountability, support and collaboration.

Group QA calls for detailed answers to your specific questions + one Wrap Up Call at the conclusion of the training.

ESG Consulting Foundations™ Certification of Training Completion to display on your website, LinkedIn, resumé, etc.


A carefully curated Resource Guide with 60+ ESG resources to stay on top of news + trends.

3 important ways ESG Consulting Foundations™ is different


This training is all about action, not theory. There are worksheets, quizzes and exercises designed to help you absorb new information and come out of each lesson with something you can apply to your business. You’ll learn and get the inside scoop from real case examples. 


Each lesson is based on real-life experience (successes and failures) I’ve gained building my own sustainability consulting business over the past seventeen years. This means that the modules are based on what works and what doesn’t in the real world. You’ll also receive a list of recommended resources so you can sharpen your technical know-how as you go deeper with clients.



When you complete the course you will have free access to a pipeline of ESG projects. Strategic partnerships allow us to plug you into a rapidly growing marketplace where demand is growing at an unprecedented rate and trained ESG consultants are in high demand.

What you'll learn

Getting Started

Set a clear direction. Understand types of ESG services with the highest demand and identify which skills and experience you can apply to this new offering. Establish a thoughtful "why" that you’ll use later in the course to build credibility.


Gain a solid understanding of key concepts. Learn what you need to know about climate change as it relates to business and how to identify and avoid ethical conflicts or green-washing. Go beyond theory to understand how to guide clients.


Create an ESG offer that is unique to your business and leverages your unique skills and experience. Learn the proprietary method I use to identify strong potential clients, design a Minimum Viable Offer that sells, and create a compelling impact statement that resonates with your target audience.


Learn how to conduct discovery, materiality assessment, ESG report, and sustainability strategy. Learn about the latest reporting frameworks and which are best to use when to achieve your client's desired outcomes. Gain experience with hands-on exercises, case studies, and activities designed to sharpen your skills at delivering ESG consulting services.


Dive deep into learning powerful tactics to make a compelling business case and learn effective ways to build credibility quickly to build confidence and launch!


If you’re in the beginning stages of incorporating sustainability into your consulting services – whether it’s a new idea you’re working on or one you’ve been trying to “start” for a while now – then ESG Consulting Foundations™ is for you. 
  • If you’d like to grow your business helping companies and organizations adapt and thrive in a changing climate
  • If you want to set your business apart from the competition and take advantage of a blue ocean opportunity 
  • If you want to use your consulting for good and to build a stronger future for future generations 
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We’ve built this program to help consultants with an interest in sustainability develop a new stream of revenue by delivering ESG and sustainability consulting services to companies and organizations. 
There are a lot of reasons people can find getting started challenging:
  • They may not know where to start in a rapidly evolving and complex industry 
  • They might falsely believe they need a scientific or technical background to be seen as credible
  • They may invest in a certification or degree yet still lack the real-world ESG strategies, tactics, and tools to sell effectively and deliver value to clients 
  • They may lack confidence and/or struggle to make the business case so clients understand the value.
Whatever may have been holding you back, ESG Consulting Foundations™ offers a proven five-step process that teaches you the strategies, tactics, methods, and tools I used to launch and grow a six-figure ESG consulting practice with zero previous experience. 
The course is intentionally designed to be practical and actionable versus theoretical. You’ll learn directly from a practicing sustainability consultant with over 15 years of experience and have the opportunity to apply what you learn to real-world examples of companies across different sectors. 
ESG Consulting Foundations™ offers a proven step-by-step process to: 
  • Build your foundation of knowledge quickly and effectively
  • Create confidence in your ability to deliver quality ESG services
  • Establish your brand as credible within the ESG consulting sector
  • Grow your business with a new stream of revenue
The simple answer is no. One of the most prevalent myths in the sustainability sector is that it takes a high level of scientific, subject matter, or technical expertise to be effective. ESG Consulting Foundations™ is designed to teach you the methods, models and frameworks necessary to work effectively with clients without the need for technical expertise. 
If you have technical expertise and are interested in broadening your offerings, or if you want to strengthen the business case and value proposition for your services, ESG Consulting Foundations™ can help. 
You can expect to spend 1 – 2 hours per week for 6 weeks reviewing video lessons and completing assignments and exercises. Additional time may be spent researching specifics that are relevant to your target market. This is advantageous, but not necessary.  
We offer a full money-back guarantee until the start of the first lesson of Module Two. This gives you the opportunity to try out the first three lessons of the course. If you complete three lessons or less and would like a refund, email [email protected] and provide your name and email used to register.
Our virtual door is open! Email [email protected] or find time on our calendar and let’s chat. 
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