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ESG Foundations™

Pivot and break into sustainability consulting and make a difference!

This self-paced training will teach you what you need to know to come quickly up to speed, leverage your skills and create new E-S-G consulting opportunities.


On-demand access to pre-recorded training modules to quickly build your confidence.

Primers to help you make sense of and assimilate what you learn.

Examples, frameworks, and blueprints you can use to navigate your pivot.

Dedicated online community for accountability, support and collaboration.

A 90-page interactive course Handbook with checklists & templates.

ESG Foundations™ Certification of Completion.


A 30-minute live strategy call to plot a roadmap.

3 important ways this COURSE is different


This training is about action, not theory. Worksheets, quizzes and exercises are designed to help you absorb new information and pivot faster. Our students have secured new jobs and consulting contracts while enrolled in the course.


The content is based on real-life experiences (successes and failures) of someone who pivoted successfully with zero technical expertise and has watched the market evolve. You will learn what it really takes to break in and how to find companies that want to work with you.




You will be a part of a powerful network. Students have found new business opportunities and collaborated on projects together. We lead with professional generosity and will do whatever we can to help. After all, we are all working to build a sustainable future. 

What you'll learn

Learn Key concepts

Learn the fundamentals necessary to navigate greenwashing, standards & certifications and understand the impact of climate change on business.


Draw a clear connection between what you do today and what you will do in sustainability and ESG to boost your confidence and credibility.

Know Your Options

Learn about the types of services sustainability consultants typically deliver to companies.


Understand the evolution of sustainability and ESG so you can leverage the context of what's happening today.


Learn how to strategically identify companies that are ready for sustainability and to work with you.


The course is a good fit if you want to: 

  • Quickly come up the curve to understand key concepts and terms
  • Understand how companies are approaching ESG and what they need
  • Know how to identify the 9 types of greenwashing
  • Understand the world of sustainability standards, frameworks and certifications
  • Use a maturity matrix to ‘diagnose’ where companies are on the journey

The simple answer is no. A prevalent myth is that it takes a high level of scientific, subject matter, or technical expertise to be effective at advancing sustainability. The Foundations Course is designed to teach you what you need to know to pivot, without technical expertise.

If you already have technical expertise, the course will provide you with what you need to know to position yourself within the broader ESG and sustainability landscape.

The course contains videos that are between 5 – 20 minutes long, plus quizzes and exercises. Most students complete the course in 2 – 5 hours.
We offer a full money-back guarantee until the start of the second lesson of Unit 1. If you complete two lessons or less and would like a refund, email [email protected] and provide your name and email used to register.
Our virtual door is open! Email [email protected] and we’ll reply with our best answers. 
Andrew Winston and New Positive Book Graphic

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